The Light Stripe for Your Waterpipe

Never lose your lighter again

Amazing Features

Never lose your lighter again

Easy to Use

Your lighter will always be in the first place you look; on your waterpipe.

Durable Material

The strong neodymium magnet keeps the lighter secure with every pass.

No Middle Man

Light stripe is the manufacturer and sole distributor giving you the best prices, no middleman mark-up!

Cost Effective

The most cost effective lighter holder for waterpipes and hookahs.

Customizable Orders

Each order is hand packed to match your unique needs. Request more of a specific color or request that you dont recieve a non-popular color.

Many Options

Light stripe comes in solid colors, glow in the dark, and swirl. Every order is an even mix.

How It Works

It's extremely simple, and takes 2 seconds!

Works on Waterpipes and Hookahs

Place your order today!